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Night Flight - By: (Mikko Lagerstedt)
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This is so moving
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paradise by Nihal Kurt on 500px
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This movie really fucked me up. Everything hurts.
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Image of two cows seeking comfort in one another while awaiting slaughter in a Jakata abbatoir, Indonesia. 
"I have unfortunately been inside slaughterhouses and can tell you that the animals are not willingly walking up to the end of the kill line and sticking their necks out. These animals fight with every bit of strength they have left at the end of that kill line. They don’t want to die and they know it’s coming.” ~ Cayce Mell (Peaceable Kingdom) 

this makes me so fucking sad. 

I understand why my sister is vegan now.. I think I will now  be vegan

It’s so easy I’ll help you !

Ive reblogged this before. I dont even care, i will always!

This is heartbreaking…

Being vegan might be hard sometimes, but when you remember that a life matters more than something on your taste buds for 5 secs, it’s an easy decision.
"You will have days where you feel better, and you will have days where you want to die. Both are okay. There is no magical cure. You just need to close your eyes, and trust that the waves will pass, and soon you’ll be able to breathe again."
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